Operation BPP

Operation BPP

Operation Bras Panties and Pads (BPP)

Sustaining Dignity for Girls, One Girl at a Time

  • Girl and women empowerment is essential for economic, social , and health development
  • In 2015 UNESCO estimated that approximately 50% of Kenya’s 4million school age girls go without access to feminine hygiene products.
  • If a girl misses three to seven days of school a month due to their menstrual cycle, it translates to two months less schooling per year.
  • As a girl falls further behind, she is likely to perform poorly or drop out of school entirely








Imagine for a moment, a girl living in poverty and unable to afford sanitary pads.  Unfortunately millions of girls around the world use paper, rugs, leaves, feathers, cow dung, sand, corn husks, card board and anything they can find to cope with their menstrual cycles.  Such solutions can lead to infections and deep feelings of indignity among these girls.

Our goal is plain and simple: to sustain dignity for girls, one girl at a time.

About BPP

Operation BPP is a grass roots initiative that was founded by a group of friends born out of their quest to ensure that all young girls and women in Kenya and beyond were provided with dignity and had the supplies they needed including bras and panties for daily use and sanitary pads for use during their menstrual cycle. In early 2016, Carole, Angela and Joanne started a campaign to collect funds to supply disposable sanitary supplies for Nice View Academy, a co-ed orphanage in Machakos, Kenya that caters for children ages 5-18.  They quickly realized that for several reasons such as cost, accessibility, and lack of facilities to dispose used pads, supplying disposable pads was not a long term sustainable solution. In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at Gender Equality, BPP aims to foster partnerships with Lovebound International Corporation, Project Dignity in South Africa) http://www.projectdignity.org.za/about-us/  and Days for Girls International an organization whose origins started in Kenya http://www.daysforgirls.org/

Nice View
BPP Kits

Each reusable kit contains moisture barrier shields, soap, absorbent liners, panties, washcloths, Ziploc storage bags and a cloth drawstring bag. 

Help us advance UN Sustainable Development Goal # 5 on Gender Equality by making your donation today


Your tax deductible donations are reserved into a fund that can be used to enhance dignity for girls by ensuring access to quality, safe and sustainable feminine menstrual hygiene kits, and bras for girls. This fund will also support education and training for community members and will help launch income generating initiatives for women to train others and develop kits for use within their communities. We appreciate your support of these beautiful young women, our future leaders!

  • Your $10 donation can ensure that one girl has access to sustainable pads that can last them for 3 to 4 years.
  • $40 can support 4 girls for up to 4 years.
  • No gift is too small. Make your donation today at: http://loveboundinternational.com/donate/

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